Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Adapted from the Civic's Annual Production of Charles Dickens'
A Christmas Carol

Directed by Dr. Kerry Shanklin

Our Capital Fundraiser

The Columbus Civic Theater's capital fundraiser seeks to raise funds for our move to another location in our home of Clintonville. The board of directors have there sights on two locations, pending lease negoiations. The costs of renovating the space is steep. We have listing costs of our renovation below.

The "perfect" location must have ample parking, a large electrical service, a high roof, two bathrooms, and some singage opportunities. But none of this includes the renovation "change of use" for a place of assembly, nor the grid structure from which the lights hang.

Renovation Goal Details/Explanation Est. Cost Depreciation Length
New HVAC System HVAC units must be located outside a place of assembly. $31,400 10 - 20 years
Installation of Grid The grid is where the lighting instruments are hung. $9,800 20 - 30 years
Renovation to Meet ADA The American with Disabilities Act has requirements most older buildings do not have. $24,500 40 - 50 years
Renovation to Building Code As well as, and more importantly, the Fire Code. $11,000 Life of the building
Auditorium installation, seating, carpet, curtains All of which must flame retardant. $12,500 10 - 15 years
TOTAL $99,200