FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1.) WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE COLUMBUS CIVIC THEATER? The mission of the Civic is to mount the most significant plays of the world theater canon. 2.) HOW MAY I AUDITION FOR AN UPCOMING PRODUCTION? Most, but not all, productions have an audition date. The audition notice the day and time is posted on our website under the audition link. If you cannot make the audition, and you are interested in auditioning, please contact us to arrange an appointment. 3.) DO YOU RENT OUT YOUR THEATER? No, we do not. 4.) DO YOU MOUNT NEW WORK? No, we do not. Please do not send us scripts as they will not be returned, and you will not receive a response. 5.) DO YOU HAVE GROUP RATES? Yes, we offer group rates to schools, churches and clubs, for 15 or more attendees to a performance on a particular night. The group rate must be paid up front before the scheduled day or night of performance. Contact us to set up this arrangement. 6.) DO YOU OFFER FREE PARKING? Yes! We have front and back lots for patrons. In the rare event of an overfill, there is plenty of on-street parking near-by. Parking is for patrons and staff of the Columbus Civic Theater. If your business is not with the Civic, Please Do Not Park in Either Lot. Those who park illegally run the risk of having their vehicle towed. Any questions should be directed toward the Artistic/Executive Director, Richard Albert.

Columbus Civic Theater

3837 Indianola Ave. Columbus, OH 43214