The Civic has been bolstered by donations by generous donors like you!

The Columbus Civic Theater

As we celebrate eleven seasons of plays, we here at the Civic thank you for your support. We have mounted 94 productions to date. No matter how you divide, compare, or crunch those numbers, zero of it would have happened without you.

The Civic once performed in the back of a bookstore. The Fantasticks!, our first production, was performed at Areopagitica Books in Clintonville in January of 2009. Later that same year we began renovating our own facility at an abandoned gas station at 3837 Indianola Ave. This too would have been impossible without community support. In that space, we performed over 90 productions, and built our audience up.

On June 15th, we were given a thirty-day order to vacate the building we have called a theater for over a decade. Naturally, it was a shocking blow to us. The Civic was on a month-to-month lease since the old lease ran out. We are already looking for a new space, but it will take months to rebuild. We are looking to stay in Clintonville, as this our home, and you have welcomed us, and helped us through our decade-long mission.

So again, thank you to all who have given in the past and to those giving today.

For those giving:

Thank you for considering donating to the Columbus Civic Theater!

If you'd like to make a donation using a credit card, please click the "DONATE" button at the bottom. Follow the prompts on the PayPal site. PayPal is a safe and secure way to use a credit card online, and you don't need a PayPal account to use this service.

Don't want to donate online? Mail us a check. Please make it out to the Columbus Civic Theater and send it to: The Columbus Civic Theater 534 East Royal Blvd. Columbus, OH 43214

Or best yet: Come to a show and bring it with you. At this specific time, we do not know when we will open. But this will be an option in the future.

Thanks again and see you at the Civic.

Richard Albert

Artistic Director