The Columbus Civic Theater

A Theater in Transition.

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The Civic's Generous Donors

Platinum Circle ($5,001 +)

D. V. Siders

Gold Circle ($1,001 - 5,000)

Laura Albert & Steven Kureczko

Mike Johnson & Carol Bessey

Cari Brackett

(in honor of Lorraine Carlet)

Marilyn Clark

Reny and Virgil Kline

Al and Louise Minor

Charles & Muriel Parish

Dr. Rickne Scheid

Shawn and Jaymee Thomas

Silver Circle ($251 - 1,000)

The Cannell Family

Louis Carlat & Cathy Brill

(in honor of Lorraine Carlet)

Judy Gallucci

Karen Hedden

Kari Inglis

Ann R. Kangas

Hillary Kline & Andrew Knight

Marty Golubitsky & Barbara Keyfitz

Llewellyn and Ruth Rabby

Robert & Carol Roth

Doug Mooney & Theresa Early

Linda Royalty

Debra Shaw and Carl Yaffey

Eve Stratton

Ty and Jutta Wait

Dagmar Wolcott

Alan and Ann Alaia Woods

Marvin and Sophia White

Bronze Circle ($50 - 250)

Carolyn & Weldon Abels

Anonymous (3)

Catherine and Glen A. Bengson

Jessie Broussard

Paula Brumfield

Jeff Carter and Mildred King

David Chapman

Helen Chronister

Rose and Wallace Conrad

Pam Conley

Barbara Cote

Michele Cuomo

Delaware Shakespeare Club

James Demas

John DeSando

Linda Fedek

Arthur and Jennifer Farkas

Elizabeth Fink

Karen and Jack Finkelberg

Dr. Gideon Fraenkel

Robert Frank & Sharon Popp

Albert & Nancy Foulger

Barbara Gill

Jean Gregg

Connie Hammond

Rev. Thomas Wm. Herge

Linda Huffenberger

Richard and Kim Irwin

Integrated Leadership Systems

Lise K Jacobson &

Mattie & Earl Jacobson

(in memory of Carmen Lynd)

Susan Carol Keister

Carolyn and John Kneisley

Barb and Tom Knight

Helmut Kremling

Shelley Lebeck

Robert A. Lanius

Barry Liss

Sarah Luckay

Lee and Connie Lybarger

Eugene and Carmen Lynd

Sieglinde Martin

Person McWane

Bob Moss and Maria DeNardis

Cynthia Morris

Richard & Barbara Markle

(in memory of Carmen Lynd)

Nancy A Michalski

(in memory of Jenny Taylor Williams)

Andrew and Riek Oldenquist

Marise and John Petry

James Petsche and Scott Dehelian

The Margaret Day Platt Fund

Patrica Peterson

Laurel Richardson

Patrica Reed

Michael Rex

Chris Richter

Anne Robinson

Stephen and Eva Sebo

Sydney and Gerald Schardt

Wanda Short

Anthony Shuttleworth

Roman Skoracki

Kenneth Smith

Robin A. Smith & William F. Ballam

Julia Smyth

Virginia and Donald Songstad

Terry J. Sorum

Claudia Speakman

Jeannie and Bud Taylor

Debbie and Robert Voisin

Carolyn Van der Stouw

Jane Ware

Mr. & Mrs. Wyman

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