The Columbus Civic Theater

A Theater in Transition.

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The Civic's Generous Donors of 2022 - 2023

Gold Circle ($1,001 - 5,000)

Laura Albert & Steven Kureczko

Marilyn Clark

Ruth and Bo Rabby

Silver Circle ($250 - 1,000)

Denise Applegate

Michele Cuomo

Theresa Early & Doug Mooney

Robert Erickson

Rebecca Haidt

Richard D. Keene

Reny and Virgil Kline

Dave and Susie Lowery

Patrica Peterson

Marise Petry

Debra Shaw and Carl Yaffey

Shawn and Jaymee Thomas

Ty and Jutta Wait

Bronze Circle ($50 - 249)

Larry Albert

Charlisa Anderson

Sabrina Bobrow

Lynne Bonenberger

Cari Brackett

Jessie Broussard

Susan Burghes

Aran Carr

Carolyn Carter

Barbara Cote

Cynthia DeGrand

Su Ann Farnlacher

Elizabeth Fink

Dr. Gideon Fraenkel

Lynda Fromm

Barbara Gill

Ben Gorman

James Hays

Sylvia Howe

Amber Herbster

Kim and Richard Irwin

Ann R. Kangas

Diane Keller

Britt and Richard Kline

Sarah Luckay

Tony Ludovico

Brian Ludwig

Leigh Mamlin

Shirley Mercer

Elise Meyers

Jeffrey Nunemacher

David Plisga

Patrica Reed

Mark C. Reeves

Gerald Schardt

Sydney Schardt

Kerry Shanklin

Jennifer Shively

Roman Skoracki

Elaine Spayde

Pete Swingle

Kenneth Smith

George Steele

Larence Taylor

Theresa Thompson

Susan Walsh

Vicky Welsh-Bragg

Richard Zapor

The Civic survives on donations.

Since its inception in 2008, the Civic has striven to offer our community the best in theater. We believed in staging the important plays of the world theater canon, the significant modern works of the 20th century, and contemporary plays that comment on the major sociopolitical issues of our day.

And for eleven hard years, we have done that. In total, 94 productions, averaging to nine shows a year, were mounted as complete, rehearsed productions, with costumes, sets, and audiences. In the last two years, we realized we no longer needed to advertise. Patrons came through the door for every show.

In February 2020, right before we were to open with a production of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, a lockdown order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 shut off all our income, and in June, we lost our lease on the theater we built.

We lost tens of thousands of dollars, our entire renovation of the place was ripped out, and the following that blessed us with their presence at shows vanished. We applied for aid from the government twice and were turned down twice.

Therefore, your gift makes an impact. Everyone can see it; and we can feel it.

We are still here, only online. We are alive and kicking, eager to return to the stage!

Please donate. Even a small amount is a gift.

Richard Albert

Artistic Director

Don't want to donate online? Mail us a check. Please make it out to the Columbus Civic Theater and send it to:


The Columbus Civic Theater

534 East Royal Forest Blvd.

Columbus, OH 43214

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